Have you ever thought about how your energy is influenced by your environment? 

In your home (and work and vehicle) the condition of the windows around you are reflecting AND affecting your third eye chakra. 

How do I know this? Because I move… a lot! And considering my line of work as a psychic and a healer, I pay close attention to the health of my third eye chakra.

Example time!

  • When my third eye was damaged, my car windshield had a huge crack all the way through it. Did it give me a crack in my third eye chakra, or was it a physical reflection of my spiritual condition? Did getting my window repaired fix my third eye or was I able to fix it because I healed my third eye? Chicken or egg… 
  • During a time when my third eye was under attack, I lived in a house where the windows were painted shut and there were spiders living between the panes! 
  • Whenever I live in houses with blinds I feel like I can never keep my third eye clean or there’s something always irritating it. 
  • Cleaning my windowsills always freshens my third eye Chakra. 

My father was always diligent about opening the curtains at sunrise and closing them at sunset.

He claimed it was a Native American practice, that if your curtains are open at night it invites in bad spirits.

When I did a search online I couldn’t find anything that would verify it… but it makes sense.

Sunlight naturally clears energy so regularly letting it in to your home will help to expel dense or stuck energy which has collected.

This is especially important for your personal energy since your environment is a reflection of your consciousness. And if attachments and entities move in to your home, well, that creates an uncomfortable and unhealthy home space. Don’t freak out, they are mostly like energy insects… still… you don’t want em!

Crystal Prisms

Hanging crystal prisms in your window to capture the light and disperse lovely rainbows around your home is a wonderful way to invite in blessings while keeping the energy of your home uplifted and clear.

Not only are they beautiful, but they support your chakra system by bringing in sun infused energy in the full color spectrum for every single chakra!

Blinds vs Curtains

I’m so sorry if you have blinds in your home. Seriously… I’m not judging at all I’m just saying that I REALLY dislike them. Maybe they just aren’t for me. But I’ve observed that when I live in a house with blinds I always feel like my third eye has a bunch of blades in it. And dust. *Shudder*

Curtains are best for windows if you want to make certain that your third eye chakra is well cared for and cleared.

Curtains say, “I comfort and envelop you” while blinds say “I affix to you” (sounds like an attachment huh?). Very often I find attachments nesting in blinds when doing home clearings.

Don’t get me wrong, there does exist some beautiful functional blinds made from wood. And the energy of those are much more pleasant, but your standard plastic or metal blinds … yuck!

Who wants plastic or metal in their third eye chakra!? Not me.

But Lea, you might be thinking… I’m renting an apartment that has blinds and it’s not like I can take them all down!

Take heart, a simple solution is to pull them all the way up and put up curtains over your windows.

As for the awful dangling twisting infuriating blinds that cover your glorious sliding glass doors… use your judgment but I take them down and store them somewhere safe if I’m renting.

It can be kind of a big project (and investment) to install curtain rods and curtains that fit your windows and your life in every room… but it will make all the difference in how you feel and how your home feels!

I took a picture of my living room window for you. ??

Fabric of Curtains

Sometimes when I move in to a house there are curtains existing on the windows, either placed there by the landlord or left behind by a previous tenant.

It is absolutely necessary to replace these!

The last thing you want is someone else’s third eye chakra energy draping over yours.

It seems like lace curtains really grip old energy and hold attachments.

If you absolutely must keep the curtains, clear them. Or if you are using curtains that your great grandma gave you, or you got at a thrift store or yard sale (curtains are expensive I get it!) definitely clear them also!

How to Clear Curtains

  • Wash your curtains and spray with a mist of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • If you know Reiki, give them Reiki
  • Ask your Angels to “Bless and Send Home any Outside Energy in the curtains which doesn’t Belong to You”
  • Ask your Angels to “Bless your Curtains”
  • Visualize your Curtains in Golden Healing Light

How to Clear Your Windows

  • Wipe down your window sills, bonus points if you use a eucalyptus water spray (there’s some really potent energy clearing properties in Eucalyptus that are not to be underestimated)
  • Wipe down or spray your window frame
  • Apply sea salt to the edges or corners of your window sills inside and out … if you feel like you really need to keep out and clear negative energy then go ahead and line the entire window sill with salt. If I feel like I’m under serious attack or I’m clearing a major bad energy house I go hard with the salt in the windows! You can clean it and reapply after a week or so. Often I find that after some time I only need to apply a little for upkeep.
  • Reiki the glass! This is a big one, if you don’t use Reiki you can visualize golden light infusing it or ask your Angels to clear it.
  • Wash your windows! And as you do affirm you are blessing and releasing any outside energy that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Believe it or not, as you do these activities you are actually cleaning your third eye chakra! Awesome!

Energy of Glass

If you Google what is glass made of, you’ll see this:

Glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone) that are melted at very high temperature to form a new material: glass. At high temperature glass is structurally similar to liquids, however at ambient temperature it behaves like solids.

Glass Alliance Europe

I know, your probably like, “Lea I learned that in elementary school.”

But! Let’s just remind ourselves that glass is really both a solid and a liquid at the same time. On an energetic level, it absolutely absorbs energy until it just can’t anymore … then it breaks.

*Cue opera singer*

You can and should clear the energy in the glass in your windows. Unless you were lucky enough to build your home and be the first person to ever live in it and look through the windows then I can bet the glass in your windows is holding energy from who knows how many people before you!

And then there’s always the nature spirits of the natural elements used in the production of the glass and how do we know if they were happy? Chances are they are pissed off at being exploited for human desires (most nature spirits are).

And then there’s the energy of the people who participated in the making of the glass which it is likely imprinted with their whatever energy they had going on!

All of this to say… you wanna clear the glass in your windows.

It’s sort of a big deal.

Where attention goes, energy flows. Every single time you look out your window, your attention (energy) is moving through it, and commingling with whatever energy is already there.

I’m gonna go ahead and stop there!

Happy Window Clearing and Cleaning!

Huge Love and Gratitude to You!

? Lea

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