Repair & Upgrade your Aura

I have a theory that our subconscious is within our Aura

Sooooo what is the Aura?

Just imagine your chakras are all like energy generators. Each one is powering a different layer of your Aura, providing you with the energy you need for the different aspects of your personality.

Your Aura consists of multiple layers of thick luminous energy fabric which emanates around you much like a force field. These layers contain energy information from this life and past lives. The good stuff, and er, the bad.

They are also very vulnerable to picking up all kinds of junk from other people and environments.

And entities and attachments really love to munch on your energy if your Aura is weak or damaged. I know, bummer right? But don’t freak out, you can easily clear them and fix your Aura so it doesn’t keep happening.

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Whats Included:

A 49 minute Video walk through where I demonstrate and explain how to easily clear, repair, and upgrade each layer of your Aura.

Slides that clearly outline the process and the same info in a downloadable Ebook.

Join me for some Aura Healing!

Much Love to You!

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