Welcome to Your Shine Bright Aura Healing Course!

Included is a Video (above) where I walk you through clearing your Aura step by step along with tons of explanation.

I also put the slides from the video here for you to look more closely at, or simply refer to without the video walk through.

Be sure to fill out your ‘Pre-Healing Checklist’ or make some notes for yourself on where you are at so that when you are finished doing your work, you can use the ‘Validation Checklist’ to witness your progress!

If you don’t see much progress (or any at all) then you probably need to do a bunch of Chakra Work first.

Check out the Chakra Vision Journeys for that.

Quickly Fill out Your PreHealing Checklist

Just put a little check next to where you are at on the scale. For example, are you feeling Peaceful or Anxious? If you are feeling more peaceful then anxious, put a little check on peaceful. Next would be are you feeling more empowered or victimized? If you are feeling more victimized, then put a check next to that.

You get it! Simple and quick!

It’s important to take the time to do this so that you can really check in with yourself on where you are at emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

And, most importantly, you can validate your progress on how effective your Aura work was! It’s really huge to get that validation when you are doing energy work.

Hooray! You did it! Your Angels are Doing the Happy Dance for You!

Now that you are complete, take a look at the Validation Checklist to see if there are any areas where you were able to jump over on the column. Notice how many there are and remember that you can do this work anytime you are feeling unbalanced.

The more often you do it, the easier and quicker it gets!

Download the Shine Bright Ebook Here:

Soooooo Much Love to You!

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