Hello & Welcome!

Here are all the Chakra Vision Journeys, please feel free to email me at starsolaris1122@gmail.com should you have any comments or questions.

I have a chakra power scale of 0-10 based on how much your chakras are functioning.

I will happily check your chakras for you once you have completed the journeys to let you know where they are at and which ones you might want to give some additional attention to.

Much Love and Happy Journeying to You!

Oh and by the way, if you feel like you are stuck on any of the chakra journeys, feel free to grab one of your favorite crystals to hold while doing your journey and see if that helps you.

Root Chakra Garden ~ Vision Journey
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Sacral Chakra Vision Journey ~ Beach House

Solar Plexus Vision Journey ~ Personal Power Mountain

Heart Chakra Vision Journey ~ Sky Palace

Throat Chakra Vision Journey ~ Music Hall

Third Eye Chakra Vision Journey ~ Room with a Window

Crown Chakra Vision Journey ~ Crown & Lotus Gift 

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